Bacon and Woodrow (PFA Systems Ltd), a part of the Woodrow Milliman worldwide group has been using IF/Prolog in two main knowledge based system products. The products tackle the complex and ever changing pension schemes used by large firms in England.

The "Knowledge Based Calculation System" is for Pension Fund Administration and interprets a precise specification of how pension calculations are to be performed for each client's pension scheme.

The "Benefit Tree" serves clients' Pension Valuations business area and performs the function of configuring a pension scheme valuation calculation for the client firm.

The implementations bring together IF/Prolog, C, Oracle and Informix DBMS systems.

The products have been in use over seven years. This expert system development has placed B&W at the forefront of pension evaluation services. Namely, this system is used in 30 among top 100 companies in England.