IF Computer GmbH has been active for many years in the fields of resource management optimisation, efficient scheduling, timetabling and complex configuration. With offices in Germany and Japan the IF Computer group is worldwide successfull in knowledge engineering, constraint technology and internet/intranet applications. IF Computer delivers high quality products, project development, consulting, support and training. Our customers benefit from the synergy of these areas and our experience in specific domains. The latest IT methods enable us, in the shortest of times, to improve your efficiency, flexibility and marketability. Worldwide successful projects underline our success.

Global Experience and Local Service
With our group of companies, we offer both locally competitive prices as well as the global experience and support of a truly international operation.

Methods to Reduce Cost, Time and Risk
IF Computer uses its own and other standard software. We recommend ready-made, proven components wherever possible. For the client, this reduces cost and risk, and at the same time shrinks the idea-to-introduction time span.

IF/Prolog as a standard language.
For the customer-specific part, one standard implementation tool is the programming language IF/Prolog. This protects your investment over extended life cycles and multiple platform deployment.

Match the Customers' Requirements
IF Computer tailors its solutions to match your requirements exactly. We offer consulting in all steps of the software lifecycle: analysis, modelling, design, implementation, empployee and end-user training as well as support and maintenance. We offer turn-key solutions to consulting in project teams.

In particular knowledge based systems demand a tight co-operation with the project partner. The partner brings their experience and knowledge, IF Computer structures the design and implements the system.

We Implement Your Competitive Edge
Custom made software is more expensive than functionally comparable ready-made software. Often more than 100 times more expensive.
Why do our clients opt for custom-made solutions by IF Computer?

At the very heart of the business of our client companies, our systems implement the competitive edge. Not doing average work with average software, but deepening the advantage over the competition with an original solution that optimally fits the corporate mission of the client.

Fitting into an already existing engineered environment, we map operational solutions onto computers. Thus, our systems take part in the delicate process of continuously refining the clients business processes: from local optimizations to the realization of a strategic vision.