We Implement Your Competitive Edge
IF Computer GmbH has been active since 1993 in the fields of resource management, efficient scheduling, timetabling and complex configuration. IF Computer delivers high quality products, project development, consulting, support and training. Our activities center around developing strategic, intelligent software solutions which directly benefit the marketability of our customers products. Reducing cost and effort for development and the efficient utilisation of our own resources fits perfectly with our strategies and the methods we employ.

Scheduling Service Workers and Maintenance Crews
The intelligent distribution of service workers and crews for maintenance and repare work in large utility companies (gas, electric, water and telecommunications) was the specification of this on-going project. crew scheduling

Reducing Material Wastage in the Carpet Industry
MasterPiece Systems Ltd. is provider of software solutions in the floor covering industry. Their system supports the complete customer contact from measuring, planning and price calculation through to delivery and fitting. IFComputer GmbH was contracted to develop a cutting plan optimisation tool to reduce material wastage as part of the on-site quotation and fitting processes. Material Minimization

Realtime Station Control
The efficient scheduling of large railway stations to rectify realtime delays in the operational environment. Platform closures and train delays reduce capacity and make it harder to ensure all connections are met during the day. The help of an intelligent and interractive system results in a more efficient recovery and a reduced number of platform changes. Realtime Station Control

Spectacle Design
The optical retail chain Paris Miki retails tens of thousands of frames and glasses. In the retail outlets numerous models are available to try at leasure. IF Computer Japan developed an expert system to assist in the design of frameless glasses which are matched in form and preference to the customer. The system reduces investment and widens the spectrum to better suite the market. Spectacle Design